A January 26, 1904, Typed Contractual Document Signed “Jm C. Fargo” as Treasurer of the Westcott Express Co., New York.

The document outlines an agreement between the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad and the Westcott Express Company, for the construction of a baggage transfer system between New York and Hoboken, NJ for a sum of $1,000 per year.

The document has been folded, but otherwise is boldly signed and presents very well. The 4 page tall legal size (approximately 8″ x 13″) document is signed on the last page in ink by American Express Founder James C. Fargo.

Sold with Certificates of Authenticity from both The Autograph Source (Lifetime Guarantee) and independent third-party authenticator PSA/DNA.


James C. Fargo (1829-1915) was the younger brother of William G. Fargo (Co-founder of Wells Fargo), and in 1850 the two brothers were co-founders of the American Express Company.

After his brother’s death, James became President of American Express.

Sometime between 1888 and 1890, J.C. Fargo took a trip to Europe and returned frustrated and infuriated. Despite the fact that he was president of American Express and that he carried with him traditional letters of credit, he found it difficult to obtain cash anywhere except in major cities. Mr. Fargo went to Marcellus Flemming Berry and asked him to create a better solution than the traditional letter of credit. Mr. Berry created the American Express Travelers Cheque which was launched in 1891 in denominations of $10, $20, $50, and $100