David Bowie “Let’s Dance” vinyl record album, beautifully signed on the cover by David Bowie, who added the year “95” after his signature.

Sold with Letters of Authenticity from both independent third-party authenticator PSA/DNA, and independent third-party authenticator Beckett Authentication Services. 

Details about the date and place of signing will be given to you after you purchase the album.

NOTE: Small water damage to the top of the reverse side of the album (not at all to the front).  Very minor wear to the front, but overall one of the absolute nicest Bowie signed albums that we have seen.  Authentic signed albums from Bowie are quite rare.

Perhaps it’s appropriately perverse that Bowie’s biggest selling album is so often under-rated, or at least under-appreciated. In my view it’s lazy to simply knock it, as many do, for being too commercial. Just consider the brief – I’m a cult star, but now I want to have mainstream hits. And the result was this chart conquering monster?? Bloody hell – if it was that easy, let’s tally how many others have been able to do it…er…

Yes, the 80’s production sheen shows its age it a bit and side one wallops side two, but hey, to make up for it you get the legendary Stevie Ray Vaughan on lead guitar in just the right doses to not be too much of a good thing.  Taken on its own merits, this album is a corker!

Modern Love, China Girl, and Let’s Dance are obviously some of Bowie’s very biggest songs, but Cat People (Putting Out Fire), Ricochet, and Without You were standouts as well.