An original  Eddie Vedder set list (with handwritten notations) for Pearl Jam’s October 20, 2000 concert in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
This was Vedder’s set list for the show:  sourced directly from Vedder’s guitar tech Ricky Ramone.

Show Highlights: McCready caused mass panic by ripping out the opening riffs to David Bowie’s “Ziggy Stardust” while the techs deal with some issues prior to “Rearviewmirror.”

While not listed on this setlist, the version of “Rockin in the Free” (Neil Young Cover) is included on the official release “Touring Band 2000”. The highlight of the show was none other than Jesse, a child approximately 10 years old, who was pulled out of the audience by Ed during “RITFW” and got to dance onstage, and then on Ed’s shoulders, and then Ed ran him around to Matt’s drum riser. Matt gave him a drum stick and they play drums together.

Ricky described for us some of the markings on this setlist, as they were used by Eddie Vedder and himself, as Eddie’s guitar tech, and what they meant:
Drop D for drop D tuning,” DADGAD”was another tuning, etc.
BLK-Black Telecaster
SP- Sparkle Telecaster(main guitar)
#5 Les Paul
Mocha Brown Telecaster
OM- The Old Man 59 Fender Esquire
Natural- Natural Finish Telecaster
Mahogany- Mahogany Martin Acoustic
Koa- Koa (wood) Martin Acoustic

Please note, to the best of our knowledge all handwritten notations were done largely by Ricky Ramone and/or Kevin Shuss.
The condition of this setlist is good. It shows the usual wear and tear that a stage setlist would exhibit.