A personal bank check signed “Jerome Garcia” by Legendary Grateful Dead lead guitarist and singer Jerry Garcia.

The check is dated October 30, 1992 and was drawn from West America Bank in San Rafael, California.  The check appears to be filled out entirely in Garcia’s hand, made payable to “Cecelia Garcia” for $100.

Expected bank cancellations front and back.

We do not believe Cecelia Garcia was related to Jerry but we do believe she was a Chumash medicine woman who worked in California.   This is a great opportunity to own a RARE check with the added bonus of a second “Garcia” print signature.

At this time, Garcia was on a short hiatus from the Grateful Dead as they cancelled their planned Fall 1992 tour to allow him to recover from a collapse caused by exhaustion.  He would return to the stage the night after he wrote this check, with the Jerry Garcia Band in Oakland, before playing his return show with the Grateful Dead on December 2, 1992 in Denver, Colorado.


Sold with Letters of Authenticity from both The Autograph Source (Lifetime Guarantee) and independent third-party authenticator Beckett Authentication Services (BAS).

Chumash Medicine Woman

Chumash lived along the California coast from Malibu to San Luis Obispo and inland ∼ 50 miles or more.  Chumash people built the Missions at Ventura, Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez, La Purisima and San Luis Obispo .

They spoke the Chumash language, a Hokan language, of which there were many dialects. Chumash people currently reside throughout Southern California, and elsewhere. There is one small Chumash reservation at Santa Ynez.