An appointment signed by President James K. Polk,
11th President of The United States Of America.
Countersigned by William L. Marcy as Secretary of War.

A US Army Military Appointment for “James H. Carleton” to “First Lieutenant in the First Regiment of Dragoons”.

The document has ornate copper etchings top and bottom and has been folded.   Very mild toning and staining (mostly to upper right corner) otherwise in fine condition.

The Seal of the War Department near the upper left corner is in near perfect condition.

Dated February 13, 1846.

Unframed document measures approximately 12.5″ x 16.5″.
Framed document measures 27″ x 29″.

Beautiful museum-caliber frame included in price.

Sold with Certificates of Authenticity from The Autograph Source (Lifetime Guarantee) and independent third-party authenticator Beckett Authentication Services.

Residents of much of the western United States can thank President James K. Polk for making them Americans. His belief in the country’s “Manifest Destiny” to expand from coast to coast was the driving force behind several of the accomplishments that rank him as one of our greatest presidents.

James K Polk set four distinct goals to accomplish during his presidency; reestablishment of Independent Treasury System, reduction of tariffs, acquiring some or all of Oregon Country, and acquiring California and New Mexico. He went on to achieve all of his four primary goals.