A one page letter dated August 12th 1964 handwritten and signed by David Ben-Gurion.

The letter reads in full:

” T.A. [Tel Aviv], 8/12/64

To Shraga Netzer
Tel Aviv

Dear Friend,

The moment that, on the basis of the advice and pleas of Eshkol, the government refuses to follow the advise of the Minister of Justice, I know (and it has little importance, I am one of 2 Million residents, and it doesn’t make much difference), that I will no longer continue to view Eshkol as my representative. It won’t take anything away from him, I will no longer see him as my ambassador.

In Friendship,

[David Ben-Gurion]


David Ben-Gurion was an Israeli political leader who was responsible, more than any other leader, for molding modern Israel. He headed the provisional government during Israel’s war of independence in 1948. He served as Israel’s first Prime Minister (1948-53, and 1955-63). He sanctioned the attack on Egypt in 1956. By the time he retired from political life in 1970, he had come to symbolize the tenacity and determination of the young Jewish state.